”Humorism” Slams Tim Dillon As White Nationalist For Quoting Steve Sailer
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From Humorism, a website that treats humor ideologically:

Tim Dillon Goes Full-Blown White Nationalist
Seth Simons

Feb 5, 2024
14 min

“If Jesus were to come back, he would even say, ‘Enough with the refugees.”

Here’s something that’s flown completely under the radar: in a December episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Tim Dillon favorably quoted Steve Sailer, a prominent white supremacist writer and race science proponent, during a conversation in which he fully endorsed the racist Great Replacement conspiracy theory. You can find a clip of the conversation here.

I will transcribe the relevant portion of the conversation below, both for the record and because you really do have to see it for yourself:

DILLON: Here’s the thing, and I know this is gonna sound horrible, because we’re—I think even if Jesus were to come back, he would even say, “Enough with the refugees.” We gotta not fuck up the whole world and then take them all in. Like this writer Steve Sailer said, he had a great quote: “Invade the world, invite the world.” Can’t do it. We can’t go around fucking everything up. And then all these people show up and we go, “Well, we owe them.” I don’t owe them. I didn’t do it. I didn’t bomb them. “Well, your tax dol—.” It’s like, we have to stop letting people destabilize all these countries and then let them in. We have floods of refugees here.

It’s a good line.

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