ICE SVU Takes Credit For AZ Prostitution Arrests, Acts Like They're Breaking Up International Sex Slavery Ring
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With nothing to do related to enforcement of the immigration and customs laws of the United States, ICE SVU, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit, formally known as Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), is at a loss for what to do.

Generally, it has decided to do almost anything other than immigration and customs law enforcement. ICE SVU refuses to enforce the immigration laws of the United States. It is led by Deep State saboteurs who think they make policy, rather than the President of the United States through his authority to see that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed, and the Congress of the United States, through its constitutionally authorized legislative authority.

Basically the bureaucrats at ICE SVU are in open revolt, insurrection if you will, against our Constitutional order. It is as if they are a self-appointed fourth branch of government. ICE SVU also has developed an aversion to enforcing the customs laws of the United States, since blacks and browns dominate customs law violations, mostly drug smuggling crimes. Surprisingly, as ICE SVU came into being because Customs pukes dominated the organization since its haphazard creation by the Homeland Security Act of 2002.

Then what is ICE SVU to do? Well, the Sex Police is their new designation, whereby they can pretend to enforce laws but needn't arrest blacks or browns and can also give out green cards to black and brown illegal aliens who come to the United States to engage in prostitution. Simultaneously, ICE SVU allows mass illegal immigration, all of it designed to replace the Historic American Nation and Elect A New People.

The great thing about being the Sex Police is that you don’t even have to make any messy arrests; one just “works” with other law enforcement agencies, takes credit for their arrests, lies to the public about the horrible Federal crimes that have been solved, then passes out green cards to the illegal alien victims, and presto, massive budgets and a public relations victory. Of course, no problem is solved; there aren’t even any indictments before a Federal court, and ICE SVU Special Agents don’t even have to take time out of their day to write up investigative reports or affidavits in support of an arrest warrant. More especially, no illegal aliens are in danger of deportation.

The latest manifestation of ICE SVU at work, or, more precisely, not working at all, is letting local cops do what local cops do every day: arrest prostitutes, pimps, and johns. But suddenly this quotidian crime is now a major concern of the largest investigative component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

On Tuesday, results from an undercover operation dubbed “Spring Fling” aimed at targeting alleged sexual predators was announced by local law enforcement in partnership with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

HSI joined the Scottsdale Police Department Human Exploitation and Trafficking (HEaT) Unit along with Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Surprise Police Departments along with Arizona State University Police Department for Operation Spring Fling.

This was an undercover operation targeting the demand for commercial sex, sex buyers, and human trafficking, which led to 43 arrests for crimes including child sex trafficking, prostitution, drug charges, and misconduct involving weapons. The focus was on hotel prostitution and street prostitution enforcement. The suspects allegedly solicited and/or brokered deals for various sex acts and were subsequently arrested.

[43 Arrested, Cited For Drugs, Weapons, Crimes Against Children By HSI Phoenix And Partnered Agencies, Press Release, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, May 27, 2022]

Note the claim in the title of the press release: 43 were arrested by ICE SVU. But further down in the press release, there is a list of the arrestees, 99% for “prostitution,” which is itself false, as all the arrestees were named and all were male. While there is a fraction of prostitution offenders who are men, most prostitutes are women, even in homosexual hotbeds like San Francisco, as, quite frankly, homosexuals are much more promiscuous than heterosexual women and have no problem getting free sex (Grindr anyone)? Homosexuals don’t need to pay for it given their bathhouse culture, which has given us AIDS and monkeypox.

This mischaracterization of the arrests, ICE SVU's identifying those arrests as for “prostitution,” is typical of ICE SVU’s intent to deceive the public. In fact, all the males were arrested for solicitation of prostitution. Note that ICE SVU’s lies as to the long list of arrestees were hidden with a one-sentence admission that the arrests were actually for solicitation.

The suspects allegedly solicited and/or brokered deals for various sex acts and were subsequently arrested.

ICE SVU is so dishonest that it combined solicitation arrests with pimping arrests, so to deceive the public as to whether it was real criminals, the pimps, who were arrested, or just hapless johns looking for real sex, rather than the current fad of OnlyFans fake sex.

But of most importance is that all the arrests were for Arizona statutes by a local law enforcement agency; even the one arrest for Child Sex Trafficking was for a state statute violation! So, ICE SVU proudly featured itself as the lead agency, merely assisted by numerous local agencies, but with absolutely no arrests for violation of any Federal statute. Further compounding ICE SVU’s crime, no aliens were identified as either seeking prostitutes, or identified as victims of sex or human trafficking. Nor were any aliens identified among the arrested prostitutes—unlikely in Arizona, since aliens, legal and illegal, dominate prostitution there; and almost all of those alien prostitutes, legal and illegal, are participating knowingly and freely; none are sex slaves there, or almost anywhere in the United States.

So, if street and hotel prostitution is such a concern for ICE SVU, why were there no Federal arrests? Because it is the purpose of ICE SVU to appear to be doing something, but in fact be doing nothing but issuing press releases and prominently displaying their blue and gold raid jackets. This is law enforcement theater.

Reality: ICE SVU Enforcement Theater

Fantasy: ICE SVU Theatrical Appearance Complete With Batman Mask


ICE SVU Deception

Note the use of two terms, human smuggling and human trafficking. It appears that someone at ICE SVU has not gotten the message that DHS only uses the terms human trafficking or sex trafficking; human smuggling is on the outs. But neither term is quite accurate, nor are these terms used in immigration law.

The traditional term used to describe the bringing of aliens to the United States unlawfully is alien smuggling, not human smuggling. It is part of the Biden Regime’s policy to use language to obfuscate the violation of immigration laws, as when the Biden Regime banned the use of "alien" when referring to, well, aliens. As with the term “human smuggling” the reader assumes that any human can be smuggled, not just aliens. And it is certainly not illegal to bring an American citizen or national to the United States.

The other term, human trafficking, is also not a legal term. There is nothing in Title 8 or Title 18 of the United States code that makes “human trafficking” illegal. It is also a new term, designed to avoid using the legally correct term, “alien,” to refer to persons not citizens or nationals of the United States. “Human trafficking” is also designed to conflate a violation of the White-Slave Traffic Act of 1910 (the Mann Act), the interstate transportation of women across state lines for prostitution, with the bringing in and harboring of aliens who happen to engage in prostitution, a violation of Title 8 United States Code Section 1324, Bringing In and Harboring of Certain Aliens, the actual alien smuggling statute, where “alien smuggling” is defined. Which means ICE SVU should be using the correct legal term for the offense they claim to be investigating, “alien smuggling,” not “human trafficking.” But because ICE SVU is under orders to minimize crimes by aliens and not even use the term “alien,” the American public is deceived and misled by the Deep State.

ICE SVU could also have used the term “sex trafficking,” which is based in law:

(9) Sex trafficking.–The term “sex trafficking” means the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act.

Victims Of Trafficking And Violence Protection Act Of 2000,


However, to obfuscate, rather than enlighten, ICE SVU is using misleading and legally inaccurate terms to describe the problem of illegal aliens involved in prostitution and mass alien smuggling over the border with Mexico, most likely because there is no element to the crime of “sex trafficking” which requires there to be force, fraud, or coercion, which contradicts the ICE SVU and DHS position that illegal alien prostitutes are “victims” rather than coconspirators in both alien smuggling and prostitution. The current fiction is that aliens never consent to commercial sex work: they are always forced to do it. Without force, fraud, or coercion, those aliens involved in prostitution are required by law to be deported as prostitutes, as well as deported for being in the United States illegally.

ICE SVU is fundamentally lying to the American people, because it has such contempt for the Constitution, the law, and the nation, by defining deviancy, illegal alien prostitution and alien smuggling down from a crime, and a deportable offense, to a manifestation of victimhood status where the victim is rewarded with a green card.


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