Illegal Alien Child Labor In Alabama: Biden's Border Crisis Isn't About "Refugees." It's About Cheap Labor For The Slave Power
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The crisis at the border is not about the principles of protecting the oppressed as Joe Biden has claimed, but about supplying cheap labor to the Slave Power, as well as Electing A New People. Previously the nation busters like Biden have claimed that asylum seekers are not coming here to work, but are forced to flee because of some sort of oppression, like gang violence or abusive husbands. But that is not true. Illegal aliens, whether they successfully evade arrest at the border or they surrender themselves in order to file fraudulent asylum claims, are coming only to gain better employment than they can find in their home countries.

Some on the Alt-Right, the guys from Fash The Nation, have claimed that illegal aliens are coming the U.S. because of micro-loans from globalist Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) [FTN Focus: Microfinanced Macromigration Deep-Dive, December 1, 2019]. That is also not true—the funding for illegal immigration comes from the drug cartels that have moved aggressively into alien smuggling. Now all illegal aliens, including self-surrendering asylum applicants, are using, and have to use, alien smugglers, who are part of the major drug cartels in Mexico, whereas before, most illegals either crossed on their own or used small alien smuggling groups, coyotes in the parlance, but were required to only pay protection money or crossing fees to the cartel that controlled the part of the border where they crossed. Now, all illegal aliens incur huge debts to drug cartels for smuggling payments. These drug cartels collect all personal information about smuggled illegal aliens and their relatives in the United States, making certain that someone is responsible for paying off the huge debt the illegals incur when being brought up from Central American and across the border.

The Lying Press has started letting the cat out of the bag. In an exposé, the journalists inadvertently let the truth out—the Slave Power, in this case the meat and poultry industry, is benefiting from not only illegal alien labor, but is also using minors seeking asylum as full-time workers in dangerous and dirty jobs. All designed to drive down wages for Americans and replace those Americans as well.

At age 16, when most kids in the United States are halfway through high school, Amelia Domingo found herself working on chicken processing machines in this farm town and deep in debt to loan sharks in her native Guatemala.

After borrowing $10,000 for smugglers to get her through Mexico, Amelia crossed into Arizona last February and turned herself over to immigration officials. They led her, she said, from a crowded border facility to a shelter for unaccompanied minors. After about a month, officials from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees shelters for migrant children, released her to a sister here in Alabama.

[Teen Risked All To Flee Guatemala. Her Payoff: Grueling Job In U.S. Chicken Plant, by Joshua Schneyer, Mica Rosenberg And Kristina Cooke, Reuters, February 7, 2022]

I am shocked that MSM journalists would be so off message that everyone fleeing Central America is being persecuted. The subject of our story, the mysterious Amelia, admits the truth: she only came because there are no good jobs in her country and she has a smuggling debt to work off.

Amelia is part of a current spike in migration by minors from Central America to the United States, as young people risk the treacherous trek northward in hopes they can find a better life for themselves and the means to help their families back home. “There’s almost no opportunity,” Amelia said, describing the lack of prospects for youths in her highland village in western Guatemala. “Most people my age have to leave.”

And it gets worse. When nation busters like these criticize employers for hiring illegals,  it is usually part of the plea for more and more legal immigration and amnesty, but in this case illegal child labor is exposed, with the employers giving the same excuses they gave when hiring illegals as when hiring children; they check the documents, which means they just check the box that they checked the documents.

They don’t give the documents any scrutiny, which, of course the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) cooperates in discouraging, as any action by an employer to confirm or question any document, even if it is obviously fraudulent, will be punished by the DOJ as possible discrimination. See, from 2003 on Indiscriminate Anti-Discrimination Enforcement: Why Is It Illegal To Check For Illegals?

Both sisters work in the Alabama town, using false identities and fake dates of birth obtained for them by illegal brokers who forge or otherwise secure such documentation for undocumented migrants. With those credentials, they got jobs through staffing agencies of the type that help poultry plants here, like industries elsewhere across the United States, recruit staff and fulfill paperwork meant to ensure that employers comply with state and federal regulations.

And the Federal government is doing mostly nothing. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is supposed to verify that the children are released to a responsible adult in the United States—most of whom are illegal aliens anyway—but instead the family members encourage the child labor and DHHS does not care.

A spokesperson at the Department of Health and Human Services, or HHS, said the agency can’t comment on any individual migrant’s case.

There is, supposedly, an investigation, but the Biden Regime has sworn off work-site enforcement, so even if there is an investigation, who is the government going to arrest? Not the asylum applicants who used fraudulent documents to avoid child labor laws. Not the employers; they checked the boxes. Not the illegal aliens who work there.

But the nation busters and the Slave Power benefit. Even asylum applicants, who, if adults, can work legally, have huge smuggling debts to pay off.

Migrants with false documentation generally lie low, reluctant to complain about their work conditions. With loans to pay off, and families to help back home, many fear losing their jobs or, worse, deportation. For minors like Amelia, the pressure to make money quickly also keeps them from enrolling in school, which is both mandatory for anyone under 17 in Alabama and something federal authorities seek to ensure once they release a child to a sponsor.

“School isn’t for me,” Amelia told Reuters. “I have debts.”

Which, again, the reporters failed to clear with their superiors: the public is not supposed to know that the illegals are not fleeing persecution. This smuggling cycle is all about economic migration and alien smuggling. And DHHS is doing nothing about making certain asylum-seeking minors are in school. But the reporters give us the stark reality: this is all about feeding workers into dangerous and dirty jobs, as well as electing a new people.

Rosa, her sister, by then was in Enterprise, having made the journey years earlier. Now 28 years old, Rosa has held a variety of jobs, with false documentation, and has worked in the chicken industry for roughly a decade, she said.

She now has two children, both U.S. citizens, but no clear path to citizenship herself.

Census figures show that the number of Central Americans living in Enterprise, population 28,000, jumped by 52%, to 536, between 2010 and 2019. More recent census data isn’t available, and immigration scholars say undocumented residents are often undercounted. Officials at the county health department told Reuters that one in five people it now serves is Hispanic.

Near the trailer park where Amelia and Rosa live, a dozen lively young children on a recent afternoon stepped off a schoolbus speaking a mix of Spanish, English and indigenous Central American languages.

The Slave Power gets cheap labor and America gets Spanish and other Central American languages, as well as anchor babies. And the South is changed from a center of white political power into California.

And the government is arresting no one. The illegals come because in previous years there was no immigration enforcement, so family members encouraged others to come.

During a series of interviews inside the sisters’ trailer, Amelia, a shy but smiley teenager, gave few details about her travel from Guatemala. She said she was determined to get here because Rosa told her she could find work quickly. Rosa herself first came to Enterprise because an uncle was already in the area, working at a chicken plant.

There is a solution, a new Operation Wetback, sustained and aggressive interior enforcement, a huge wall on the border, and an end to asylum claims.


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