Illegal Alien Serial Killer Billy Chemirmir (Who Killed Many Elderly White Women) Murdered In Prison
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Earlier (2019): Immigrant Mass Murder, Alleged: Kenyan Immigrant Killed At Least A Dozen, Possibly Hundreds, Of Mostly White Elderly Women and, in 2021: DA: No Death Penalty For Black Immigrant Billy Chemirmir, Who Murdered At Least 18

Illegal alien mass murderer Billy Chemirmir, whose trial we reported on here at back in 2021, was killed on Tuesday by a cellmate in the Texas prison where he was serving time.

The time Chemirmir was serving was two life sentences without parole for murdering two elderly women, aged 81 and 87, apparently in order to steal their jewelry. He was accused, but not convicted, in the deaths of twenty others, all elderly women in retirement communities or their own homes.

The news report I read on this in the September 19th Daily Mail did not mention Chemirmir's immigration status.

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