Illegal Border Crossing Numbers Worst EVER (See Chart) Which Is Why Biden Admin Released Numbers On Saturday
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Earlier (July 20, 2023) Border Crossing Numbers Show Dip In ”Inadmissibles” Caused By Biden’s Illegal Paroles Redefining Many As ”Admissible”

Sometimes the CBP officials release the border crossing numbers on the fourth Friday of a five-Friday month, or as in December 2021, on the third Friday of a month in which the fourth Friday was Christmas Eve. If they'd released this on October 20, that would have been the third Friday of October, but it looks like they actually released it on October 21, which is a Saturday! See Southwest Land Border Encounters at the CBP website.

Our interactive chart here will allow you to follow the trend:

The Blaze's Andrew Chapados pointed out on October 2, quoting Bill Melugin, who has sources inside the government, that September had ”the most border encounters of all time.”

Reports have suggested that U.S. agencies experienced the highest number of border crossings at the southwest land border in a single month in September 2023, which would also push the yearly numbers past all-time records.

Melugin said there were 260,000 migrant encounters—the official number is 269,735.

Presumably adding up the additional 9,735 is what took all that time. The Center for Immigration Studies' Andrew Arthur has two separate reports on it:

In addition to the worst month ever, Breitbart points out that it's the second straight year of over 2 million illegals—whom Biden won't send back.

The 2,045,838 apprehensions include nearly 1.3 million single adults, 621,000 family units, and 131,500 unaccompanied minors, the report indicates.

In contrast, during President Donald Trump’s last full fiscal year in office, agents apprehended only 400,651. During the last two months alone, agents apprehended 399,000 migrants.

The Biden Administration has been a disaster—as we predicted it would.

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