Illegals In NYC Cop Attack Illustrate The Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty
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Reports are out that the illegal aliens who attacked two New York Police Department (NYPD) officers in the streets near an illegal alien shelter and were released by the black District Attorney without a request for bail or custody were re-arrested by ICE SVU in Arizona [Several Migrants Accused In Beating Of New York City Police Officers Arrested In Phoenix, by Landon Mion, Bill Melugin, and Griff Jenkins, Fox News, February 5, 2024].

Other reports claim that the three arrested by ICE SVU were mistakenly identified as those particular illegal aliens, but were not the same men [Migrants Arrested By ICE Agents In Phoenix Might Be Suspects In NYPD Cop-Beating Who Fled NYC: Sources, by Joe Marino, Allie Griffin, and Steve Janoski, NYPost, February 6, 2024].

A Tweet by Ali Bradley of News Nation had more details, including the immigration history of those involved in the attack, which confirmed various aspects of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty. Of the seven involved, several Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties were used; parole, returned deportee by Expedited Removal, catch-and-release with DHS Form I-862, Notice To Appear (NTA), and release on own recognizance (presumably DHS Form I-385, Notice To Report (NTR).

The Deserving Venezuelan of Humanitarian Interest to the United States

Now, we don’t know the names of the illegal aliens, as for some strange reason News Nation is withholding the names, nor has it written a story on the website. All we have is Miss Bradley’s X on this, but the detail clearly shows someone in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) leaked significant information about the illegal aliens. Such information should be publicly available in any event.

First, one illegal alien was paroled after illegally entering the United States at Brownsville, TX, but not formally arrested and charged with an immigration offense and the alien was not served with an NTA. This is an alien taking advantage of the Biden Regime Parole Amnesty, a many-faceted program that has benefited over one million illegal aliens. This particular aspect of the Parole Amnesty involves aliens who enter illegally, then surrender or are arrested. Because of the large numbers of aliens being encountered, the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) had been  overwhelmed and was paroling some illegals with instructions to report to ICE SVU at a later date, usually undetermined, to be formally arrested and served with an NTA. This part of the Parole Amnesty was declared illegal by a Federal judge and enjoined.

The next two illegal aliens were removed by Expedited Removal (ER), but each is noted by Bradley as “with credible fear.” I am not certain what that means. If they claimed credible fear but were removed, I am thinking that means they claimed but failed a credible fear interview by asylum officers. Usually those cases go to the immigration courts, the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), but perhaps these two were actually removed by ER, not by formal deportation by the EOIR. In any event, both reentered and won the Parole Amnesty for those previously deported, or some version of that. But what is supposed to happen if an alien reenters the United States after deportation, including ER, is that the initial deportation order or ER is supposed to be reserved. The aliens are not supposed to be released into the United States with an NTR. 

Then we have two illegal aliens who were formally arrested and served with an NTR, but were released to appear at a scheduled hearing in the EOIR. This is catchandrelease amnesty, where the alien never appears for their EOIR hearing. This is how most of the illegal aliens in the Biden Border Crisis are getting in and that is their plan: surrender at the border, get served an NTA, and just disappear never to be heard from again.

The next illegal alien was just released; this is presumably with another variation of catch-and-release, but without a formal arrest, just served with a letter instructing the alien to appear at an onward ICE SVU office using the NTR.

So, for just eight illegal aliens benefiting from the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties, we get an interesting sampling, instructive of how the Biden Regime is breaking immigration law to benefit illegal aliens [The Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, America Will Get It, Good And Hard, by Federale, Federale Blog, March 16, 2021].


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