Illegals Packed Into 100-Degree Rail Cars, More Large Groups Caught. And Biden Is On Track To Release 400,000 Illegals Since Fiscal ’22 Began
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Illegal aliens know that the Biden Regime might just free them to disappear into the country if they can make it across the border—and even if border agents catch them.

So they’re desperate get in, as a recent release from U.S. Custom and Border Protection shows.

At the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas yesterday, agents found 50 illegals packed into rail cars [Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Agents Rescue Migrants Locked in Rail Cars,, April 12, 2022].

A source tipped Del Rio Border Sector intelligence agents that the illegals were there:

The railroad security team noticed seals on several car haulers were different and didn’t correspond to what they normally use. Agents inspected the cars and found 50 undocumented migrants locked inside the car haulers with no means of escape, as temperatures topped 100 degrees. The subjects were provided water and monitored with no further incident. All individuals were arrested and identified as undocumented migrants illegally present in the United States.

Inside were 41 Hondurans and nine Mexicans, whom CBP “processed” accordingly.

Meanwhile, agents in the Rio Grande Border Sector arrested almost 300 illegals in two large-group smuggling attempts [Large Migrant Groups on the Rise in RGV,, April 13, 2022].

The groups included 115 single adults, 90 “family members,” and 89 unaccompanied “children” from Cuba and Latin America.

Obvious question: How many will Biden let loose?

The next report that will reveal the March total of those whom Biden has freed, which must be filed in the case of Texas v. Biden, should be released this week.

Some 200,000 illegals were expected to cross the border last month [Biden faces influx of migrants at the border amid calls to lift limits that aided expulsions, Nick Miroff and Maria Sacchetti, Washington Post, March 24, 2022].

Biden has released nearly 40 percent of the illegals apprehended every month since October 1, the beginning of fiscal 2022. So March would add another 80,000 to the almost 320,000 released October through February.

New total: 400,000 illegals…few if any of whom will ever be deported.

The Great Replacement proceeds.


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