Immigrant Mass Murder By Mexicans: 111 Victims—And Why It's Okay To Say A Mexican Committed Murder
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Ten years ago, I asked the question above, relating it to, among others, the Long Island Railroad Massacre, in which a Jamaican immigrant targeted whites for racial reasons.

It seems that after a Mexican illegal murdered 5 of a family of 10 (mostly) illegal Hondurans, the answer is still “No,“ according to the Great and Good.


This a list of stories we’ve mentioned here on our “What Is Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome? page. These are not all the mass murders committed by Mexicans, because, as you can see above, the press doesn’t want to say a Mexican has committed a crime.

One of the earliest cases on this list is Salvador Tapia, a typical “Disgruntled Minority Massacre“ in which a member of a minority group gets fired and then comes back and shoots his supervisor and co-workers.

Here’s what I wrote twenty years ago:

On August 27, while it was still breaking news, I wrote an item about the Chicago warehouse shooting, Hispanic Gunman Kills 7 in Chicago, a headline exclusive to VDARE.COM.

Now the rest of the story. Guess what, he was an immigrant.

A reader tipped us that he had seen confirmation of Tapia’s Mexican origin in a story from the Philippines. (The story was headed Ople: No Filipino killed in Chicago shootout.“ My first thought was “Gee, thanks a lot, guys.“ But it’s a legitimate thing for the Philippine Foreign Affairs department to be worried about.)

Most of the US media, however, followed the rule that immigration status is only important in a victim. (Oddly, the Government of Mexico reverses this rule; they go all out for Mexicans on Death Row, and ignore their victims.)

One of the victims was Roberto Valles, whose funeral mass was held Saturday, August 30, in Chicago, before his body was shipped back to Mexico for burial.

The ABC story of his sad death and funeral included the fact that he was an immigrant. But it didn’t include the immigration status of the man who shot him.

As soon as we posted last week’s story, I got an unfriendly email saying

Did you really use the deaths of those poor people in Chicago to make some vague and incorrect point that the killer was an illegal entrant?

Answer: Yes.

Partly to say I Told You So (because I did, repeatedly). And partly because I knew the gun control people would be blaming the gun and we would hear, ad nauseum, that it was a Walther PP .380, and that it was made in Germany, but not that the killer came from Mexico.

From a public policy standpoint, immigration is infinitely more important than gun control.

Not only does Mexico have a murder rate three times as high as the United States, but its citizens don’t like Americans.

Some of these mass murders were caused by hatred of whites, or of America. That’s why it’s always relevant to say what the nationality of a mass murderer is.

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