Immigration Courts Choked With 1.7M+ Cases; Biden To Ease Asylum Path
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Above: In 1992, Peter Brimelow wrote, "Just as when you leave Park Avenue and descend into the subway, on entering the INS waiting rooms you find yourself in an underworld that is almost entirely colored." Something that the Woke are still complaining about today.

If you want to know just what faces the Historic American Nation even if the borders were closed today, Syracuse University’s TRAC database provides the answer. Such is the deluge of illegal aliens that 1.7 million cases await adjudication in immigration courts [Immigration Court Quick Facts,]. But that’s not all, immigration expert Nathan Rapaport reported at The Hill. The Biden Regime plans to alter how asylum cases are heard; not by a judge, but an “asylum officer” with sole discretion, and no adversarial government attorney, to argue against an illegal’s claim. Of course, that plan fits with Biden’s main policy goal: replacing the Historic American Nation.

The 1,784,623 backlogged cases exceeds “the population of Phoenix, Ariz., or of Philadelphia, Pa., the fifth and sixth largest cities in the United States,” Rappaport observed [Immigration courts are overrun with cases, and it’s only getting worse, May 18, 2022]:

This isn’t a new problem, but it has gotten much worse recently. According to TRAC, a data distribution organization at Syracuse University, the growth of the backlog has been accelerating at a breakneck pace since the start of the Biden administration when it was “only” close to 1.3 million cases.

In other words, the cases have been piling up for years.

In addition to hiring more immigration judges and creating “accelerated dockets,” the regime is doing something else: rigging the system so asylum is virtually automatic.

Right now, illegals heading for expedited removal go before a DHS asylum officer, but then must establish a credible claim of fear before an immigration judge. A government attorney is there to oppose the asylum. The process is adversarial, wrote Rappaport, who worked on immigration for the House Judiciary Committee.

“The administration has published an interim final rule, which will go into effect on May 31, that will give the asylum claims of these migrants to USCIS asylum officers who will adjudicate the claims in non-adversarial asylum merits interviews,” he wrote:

Although the migrants can be represented by counsel, there won’t be any government attorneys. 

The absence of scrutiny by a government attorney will make it easier for migrants with fraudulent or otherwise meritless persecution claims to get asylum.

Letting asylum officers grant asylum to migrants in expedited removal proceedings may slow down the rate at which new cases are added to the backlog, but it won’t reduce the number of cases that already are in it.

To their credit, 14 states have sued the regime to stop the insanity, which, like stopping Title 42, will force the states to bear the negative fallout from Biden’s Border Treason. The states argue that Biden’s Homeland Security Department does not have the authority to change the process.

Rappaport explained the lawsuit and expedited removal in a previous piece [States’ lawsuit connects the dots on Biden’s ‘open border’ policy, The Hill, May 10, 2022]. 

It suffices to say here that this is another of Biden’s policies that shows just what he has in mind: make more Democrat voters, and dispossess and replace the Historic American Nation. In this case, the policy enervates the procedures by which an illegal can establish credible fear during an asylum hearing.

The reason? Biden and the unindicted visa fixer who runs Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, know that most asylum claims are bogus, and that illegals jump the border for jobs and welfare.

As DHS reported when POTUS 45 Trump implemented the Migrant Protection Protocols (Remain in Mexico), “9 out of 10 asylum claims from Northern Triangle countries are ultimately found non-meritorious by federal immigration judges” [Migrant Protection Protocols,, January 24, 2019].

Of course Biden wants those judges out of the way. By stopping the process at a DHS asylum officer, Biden guarantees a significantly increased number of approved claims.

Now, imagine how many asylum claims DHS will approve once border agents begin handling 18,000 illegals per day three days from now or sometime afterward, as Biden’s own subalterns predicted.

Every Border Treason policy Biden has implemented or tried to implement, along with his refusal to enforce immigration laws, proves that the Great Replacement isn’t just one objective among many.

It’s his main objective, because demographic replacement is the key to permanent Democrat power.

H/T: Border Hawk

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