Immigration Headlines [FIVE ITEMS!]—Abandoned Dogs, Democrats For DUIs, U.N. Funds Illegals, ”Cash-Based” Jobs In N.Y., Etc.
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Some immigration headlines you may have missed:

When I was stationed in Texas, we had one small town we used to pass through on a highway. It was a small impoverished town about 100% Mexican-American. Every so often, there would be a litter of pups that would appear on the front lawn of one of the houses. No steps were taken to fence the pups in from the highway. As the weeks went by, you would notice the litter getting smaller and smaller until only one or two remained; all the rest had been hit by cars. I guess that’s one way of getting rid of excess dogs without having to drown them in the bathtub. Americans don’t realize how callous so much of the Third World is toward animals.

Drinking and driving seems to be a national sport in Mexico. I think if you bribe a police officer, it’s almost legal. Yes, Hispanics are overrepresented in DUI convictions. This whole case is messed up. If they are illegal, they should be deported anyway, even more so if they have a DUI conviction. The “Protect Our Communities from DUIs Act” passed, 274-150, making it grounds for illegals  convicted of DUI to be deported, and barring people with DUIs from admission. I cannot tell you how many times I ran into illegal aliens who had been arrested for DUI but not convicted because they just moved to a different state. Most states won’t bother to extradite for a DUI, so the aliens’ rap sheet showed the arrest, but no conviction. That was normal.

Most of us already know it, but by funding the U.N., we are funding our displacement and destruction. “It confirms the UN, with the helping hands of 248 named non-governmental organizations, is indeed giving debit cards to illegal migrants—funded, in large part, by US taxpayers.” We need to defund the U.N.

I used to routinely arrest illegal aliens who had been working in construction. They almost all were paid in cash, or personal check. That cashless society stuff seems aimed at tracking you, the honest citizen, not the illegal alien and the underground economy. Those that are working as delivery drivers often use someone else’s social security number. “But some migrants admitted to The Post that there is a trend of migrants sharing identity documents needed to obtain delivery jobs. So it’s virtually impossible to track who is paying taxes.” Guess who won’t be paying taxes. Do you think those 87,000 new IRS hires will be going after them?

There’s this liberal myth that everyone living in Third World squalor is a saint.

Here's immigration enthusiast Will Stancil on the subject:

Where do they think all those gangbangers are? Do they think they stay in their home countries when everyone else leaves? That didn’t happen with the Italian Mafia a century ago, why would it happen now? They are not likely to be deported because they still live in a sanctuary city in a sanctuary state. If Trump ever gets back into office, he better go after sanctuary cities hard. In New York, he better take aim at New York State’s Green Light law which prevents New York State officials from sharing information with HSI and CBP.

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