In The WASHINGTON POST, Conservatism Is "Ideology", Racial Socialism Is " Policy"
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Forget about the contents of this Washington Post article about Ben Carson and his putative position as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. It's exactly what you'd expect.

Focus instead on the headline, which telegraphs the ideological bias of the story with two words:

HUD job to pit Carson IDEOLOGY against long-standing housing POLICY,
by Lisa Rein and Elise Viebeck, December 5, 2016

Note that Carson has an "ideology," but what HUD does is "policy." I wonder if President Obama's HUD secretary, Julián Castro, had an "ideology."

In minds of Post editors and reporters, only conservatives are ideological, while leftists and government bureaucrats are "policy-oriented" and "pragmatic." They don't dabble in "ideology." They deal with policy.

That isn't true, of course. Everything HUD does is and always has been as ideological as Ben Carson's opinions about HUD's operations.

The difference is, leftists at the Post want to promote the ideology of racial socialism. They don't want to promote Carson's, which they believe threatens their own.



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