Is Japan Softening (Slightly) On Illegal Immigrants?
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Here is some news from a nation that prizes demographic stability and rigorously enforces its laws on immigration and settlement.

That nation is of course Japan. I’ve taken the story from Kyodo News, August 4th. Headline: Over 140 Japan-born foreign minors to get special permission to stay.

Even Japan’s immigration system is somewhat leaky, it seems. There are people living there with no proper residence status:

According to data from the Immigration Services Agency as of the end of last year, a total of 4,233 foreign nationals have refused to leave Japan even though they were given deportation orders due to illegal overstays and other reasons. Of them, 201 were born in Japan and aged below 18.

This whole Kyodo News article is a bit ambiguous. It brought to mind Arthur Koestler’s quip that you can negate the main verb in an average Japanese sentence without changing the meaning of the sentence.

What, for example, will happen to those four thousand aliens not born in Japan who have defied deportation orders? We are not told. Presumably the 140 children in the headline are taken from the 201 in that quote. OK, but what about adults? Further quote.

During the five years through 2020, the [special residence] permission was granted annually to about 1,400 people on average, according to the agency.

So apparently around one-third of illegal aliens get to stay. That’s more generous than I would have thought for Japan. And yet, still further quote:

While noting that the swift repatriation of foreign nationals who resist deportation is necessary, Saito also said the government has been considering measures to help children living in Japan ”who have done no wrong themselves” but face hurdles in their lives.

I give up. I shall not leave the Kyodo News report, though, without noting the smallness of the numbers here. Whatever is going on immigration-wise in that nation of 125 million people, it’s going on in dozens, hundreds, and low thousands.

Even scaling up two and a half times to allow for the U.S.A.’s bigger population, that’s picayune stuff. In just the one city of New York the conversation is conducted in terms of tens of thousands—high tens of thousands.

If Japan is softening up on illegal aliens, she has far, far to go to reach our levels of idiocy.

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