Joining Hands around the Diversity Tree
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Many in the conservative media fault secular humanists for taking Christmas out of the season. John Gibson's new book "The War on Christmas" calls it a "liberal plot." Bill O'Reilly has gone after the ACLU and the "loony left" with his big TV megaphone. readers are more sophisticated, naturally, and understand that de-Christmasizing is a symptom of multicultural immigration run amok.

Millions of immigrants are demanding their beliefs and customs be accommodated, or at least that is the assertion of well paid diversity interpreters. Certainly some immigrant groups are consumed with remaking America in their image 151 the sons of Allah come to mind. (A Google search for Muslim Demand gets well over six million results!)

Consider the frontline view from elementary schools in... Wisconsin!

As in Menasha, Appleton's growing diversity has helped drive a more global approach.

"Typically, kindergarten classes hit all the holidays, with December not just Christmas but Christmas Around the World so one tradition is not emphasized more than another," Smith said.

Smith keeps a monthly calendar that highlights everything from the Islamic sacred month of Ramadan to the Hindu festival of Diwali.

(From "Schools mark global holiday".)

So if you miss the community celebration of Christmas most of us experienced growing up, remember all you have gained in terms of curry and falafel.

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