Julie Kelly Spots: Commissar Chutkan Has Gagged All Trump “Surrogates.” Does That Mean Us? Or You?
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Julie Kelly on her X/Twitter account seems to me fastest on the draw on the Chutkan/Trump atrocity.

Here’s the kicker in gag order. It applies to what Jack Smith called “surrogates” in his proposed order. This in effect gags Trump’s campaign spokesmen, advisors, and anyone DOJ/Chutkan views as “others” tied to Trump. NOT a limited gag order—a contempt trap for Team Trump.

“Anyone DOJ/Chutkan views as ‘others’ tied to Trump”—that could certainly be deemed to be any commentator such as VDARE—as if we were not under enough lawfare attack.

And perhaps it could be you.

It depends on this awful woman’s whim.

Imperative homework for Patriots tonight:

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