June 14 Is Flag Day. The Left Hates The Flag, Because They Hate America
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Yes, June 14th is Flag Day. It is also the birthday of the U.S. Army. My son is an Army veteran, but he seems to have no plans to observe the birthday, being busy building a career for himself. I’ve had Old Glory out on our front stoop since Memorial Day, so no further action required. 

June 14th is also Donald Trump’s birthday. Happy birthday, Sir; and don’t worry, I’m not going to play the Marilyn Monroe clip.

This coincidence has stirred up some comment in the regime media. A columnist named Nick Reilly at the Washington Post had an opinion piece yesterday under the headline, Since when does Donald Trump own the American flag?

Trump and his followers have, says Nick Reilly, pretending to be indignant about it, kidnapped the flag. Sample quote:

For a lot of Americans, the flag has become a symbol of Trump misogyny, Trump bigotry and Trump wannabe president for life. Which means, for Democrats like me, flying an American flag on your house is akin to bringing your neighbors anthrax brownies.

Anthrax brownies? That’s a little strong, isn’t it? The Washington Post is in trouble, though. They lost $77 million last year and laid off 13 percent of their staff, so perhaps hysteria is setting in.

The New York Times has an opinion piece this morning on the same theme. Headline: Donald J. Trump, the Man, the Flag.

The opinionator here is Vanessa Friedman.

It hadn’t occurred to me until I read this piece that Trump dresses himself as the flag: red tie, white shirt, and blue suit. Ms Friedman has a lot to say about this—way more than it deserves. Sample quote:

Mr Trump wore navy suits, red ties and white shirts before entering politics, but his use of the uniform has evolved. The blue of his suits has become brighter in recent months—midnight blue, and closer to what Peter Roberti, the president of the Custom Tailors & Designers Association, called a ”Neapolitan blue.” Alan Flusser, a tailor to the tycoon set and the author of Dressing the Man, called it ”cobalt.” It was a relatively uncommon choice among his clients, he said.

Ms. Friedman, who seems to be working her way up to a Ph.D. thesis on Trump’s style choices, has dived deep into the topic. She tells us that for his birthday bash this evening Trump is holding a fundraiser in Palm Beach. The printed invitations, she says, advise ticket holders to wear red, white, and blue. Hoo boy…

So what’s this all about? What it’s all about is, these regime media hacks want you to know, if you don’t know already, that Donald Trump is evil—a nationalist. We all know who else was a nationalist, don’t we?

I had a private bet with myself when reading the Washington Post that if I scrolled down the comment thread, Godwin’s Law would kick in before I got bored and quit.

Sure enough, there it was, and I only had to scroll through seven comments to find it. June 14th at 8:51 a.m., quote:

I find myself cringing now when I see an oversized American Flag. Yes. It does remind me of the Nazis.

Don’t go looking for originality in regime media comment threads.

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