June's VDARE Book Club Calendar—Raffle Coming Up! Plus, Steve Sailer!
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Friends and readers, it's not too late to enjoy our May/June feature of The Bonfire of the Vanitites by Tom Wolfe!

We have two items coming up in June:

First, our next raffle is approaching—all book club members will be included in a raffle to win our feature: The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe. Make sure you’re signed up here by June 4th for a chance to win!

Next, Steve Sailer, VDARE.com’s biggest Tom Wolfe fan, is joining the VDARE Book Club Podcast with host James Kirkpatrick! Send your questions for Steve and James to rose@vdare.com by June 8th to be included in the show.

Members, don't forget to download your discussion questions here. Happy reading!

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