Kamala Explains Equality And Equity To Us: "Recognize That Everyone Has The Same Capacity"
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Our Tamil Brahmin vice president explains equality to us:

Similarly, from ABC News about the end of race-norming in the NFL concussion class-action lawsuit:

The fact that the [IQ] testing algorithm adjusted scores by race — as a rough proxy for someone’s socioeconomic background — went unnoticed for several years until lawyers for former Steelers Kevin Henry and Najeh Davenport sued the [NFL] league. Factors such as age, education and race have long been used in neurology to help diagnose dementia. But experts say the formula was never meant to be used to determine payouts in a legal case.

The reason psychologists were race-norming their IQ test was to not declare too many blacks retarded or demented on the grounds that being declared retarded or demented was a bad thing. But once it became a good thing to be declared demented, that attempt to be nice to blacks became racist.

About 70 percent of active players and 60 percent of living retirees are Black. …

“In 2022, how can you possibly think that another human being comes out of the womb with less cognitive ability? It’s just impossible to believe that that can be true,” Jenkins said. “It’s unspeakable.”

Yeah, that’s the Conventional Wisdom of the 2022. On the other hand, that some races come out of the womb with more lockdown cornerback pass coverage ability is obvious.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t see much need for race-norming the IQ test in the NFL lawsuit, since a large majority of former NFL players took the Wonderlic IQ test at the NFL draft combine before their rookie year. Assuming you can accurately measure current cognitive ability (e.g., if Harvard and Bengals punter Pat McInally, who scored the only perfect 50/50 on the Wonderlic exam, suddenly scored a 6/50, that might raise eyebrows. When Wonderlic hired McInally as their NFL marketing manager in 2007, he scored 49/50: “Missed one. Not a bad score after six concussions.”)

But nobody else seems to have caught on to this.

In contrast, running back Frank Gore, who retired recently after 16 pro seasons with the third most carries and rushing yards in NFL history behind Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton, might have registered as demented out of college, scoring 6 out of 50. And his judgment probably hasn’t improved after 3,735 carries. From People this week:

Former NFL Star Frank Gore Charged With Assault For Allegedly Dragging Naked Woman by Hair in Hotel: Report

Personally, my view is that the NFL has plenty of money and should pay up to provide for a comfortable dotage for our gladiator heroes. But that doesn’t mean we should subscribe to Kamalaism.

And what’s her excuse anyway? Did Willie Brown conk her on the noggin one too many times?

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