Kritarch Dolly Gee Demands Illegals Who Have Not Been Arrested Get Food And Shelter From Border Patrol
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Notorious Chinese open-borders activist and kritarch Dolly Gee has struck again to aid illegal aliens. This time illegal aliens who have not been arrested yet must get food and shelter from the U.S. Border Patrol. The absurdity is self-evident, but the borders must be open and illegal aliens protected, all at the whim of an illegal alien booster in judge’s robes.

Kritarch Gee is known for her expansion of a legal settlement, Flores v. Reno, and extending it to illegal alien family groups, ordering those illegal aliens released despite the clear statutory authority of the government to hold all illegal aliens. In fact, custody of illegal aliens is required. Kritarch Gee has no regard for actual law, previously ordering the Federal government to pay for attorneys for illegal aliens, which is prohibited by statute.

Kritarch Gee is engaged in an insurrection against the Constitution and the law. Kritarch Gee even demanded an amnesty to solve the custody problem in one of her decisions.

But nothing is ever settled for Kritarch Gee in her bid to open America’s borders. Now illegal aliens not even arrested are to get the Club Fed treatment:

Migrant children who wait in makeshift camps along the U.S.-Mexico border for the Border Patrol to process them are in the agency’s custody and are subject to a long-standing court-supervised agreement that set standards for their treatment, a judge ruled.

The issue of when the children are officially in Border Patrol custody is particularly important because of the 1997 court settlement on how migrant children in U.S. government custody must be treated. Those standards include a time limit on how long the children can be held and services such as toilets, sinks and temperature controls.

Wednesday’s ruling means the Department of Homeland Security must quickly process the children and place them in facilities that are “safe and sanitary.”

The border camps have become a flashpoint between immigrant advocates and the federal government. The U.S. has said smugglers send migrants to the camps and argued that the children are not yet in Border Patrol custody because they haven’t been arrested. Advocates say the U.S. government has a responsibility for the children and that Border Patrol often directs migrants to the camps, sometimes even driving them there.

Border Patrol Must Care For Migrant Children Who Wait In Camps For Processing, A Judge Says, by Rebecca Santana, AP/YahooNews, April 4, 2024

The USBP has no responsibility for those who it has not arrested. In fact, the attractive nuisance of these camps, established by the advocacy groups themselves, who dish out food and legal advice, is responsible for the hordes of illegals crossing the border and waiting to be arrested.

The illegal order, following previous illegal orders from Kritarch Gee, is an absurdity. It claims to be based on the law, but there is no law that states once an illegal alien arrives in the United States and plops down in the desert, that the illegal alien gets food and shelter.

“This is a tremendous victory for children at open air detention sites, but it remains a tragedy that a court had to direct the government to do what basic human decency and the law clearly require,” Neha Desai, senior director of immigration at the National Center for Youth Law, said in a statement.

It is typical that the open borders advocates cloak their claims in the law. But their appeal to the law is a lie. There is no law that says a criminal is arrested before he is arrested. The arrest comes first, then the responsibility to feed and shelter an arrestee. Just as there is no law that says families and unaccompanied minors are to be released from custody. It just is not there.

Time to impeach kritarchs like Dolly Gee. Or just ignore their unconstitutional decisions.

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