Kudos To Abbott On Border Control, But He Needs To Keep It Up And Deport Illegals
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Earlier: Texas Governor Plans To Install ”Inflatable Border On The Rio Grande

As promised, Texas authorities are blocking illegal aliens at the southwest border and arresting others who enter the country. 

Chris Olivarez, spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, tweets and retweets videos that show razor wire keeps out Great Replacement invaders.

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One quibble: “Families” were turned over to the Border Patrol, which will, pursuant to Biden's Great Replacement policy, “parole” or simply release them. They should have been deported… again, to help provoke the constitutional crisis needed to stop the border invasion.

A headline we’d like to see in the business press: Razor Wire Companies Add Shifts To Meet Texas’ Demand For Border Fencing.

Another one: Texas Jails Packed With Illegals, Abbott Plans Weekly Deportations To Mexico.

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