Lady BBC Editor Instrumental In Helping At Least 15 Somalian Criminals Evade Deportation
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Another one concerning Somalia, which supplies the Western world with so many of our cultural enrichers.

This one is from across the pond. A white English lady named Mary Harper was employed as Africa Editor for the BBC World Service. She had lived for a while in Somalia and had some knowledge of the place.

Trading on that she offered herself as an expert witness—a paid expert witness—on behalf of Somali illegals fighting deportation in Britain’s courts. She was instrumental in helping at least 15 Somalian criminals evade deportation [EXCLUSIVE: Amid disbelief that ’chemical attacker’ was allowed to stay in Britain... BBC editor who is paid to help 15 Somalian criminals stay in the UK quits the Beeb after shocking Mail exposé, by Mark Hookham and Sam Merriman, Daily Mail, February 3, 2024].

That tally included four rapists, three drug dealers, and a career criminal who spent a decade in British jails, I don’t know what for. All were let off the hook and allowed to stay in Britain.

One criminal had a long rap sheet in Britain: 39 convictions for 80 crimes over 17 years. Ms. Harper told the court that would result in him being shunned by his clan if he was deported back to Somalia.

Ms Harper—who, by the way, has recently left the BBC, whether voluntarily or not we don’t know, is pictured at the Daily Mail website

She looks just like what I expect a progressive world saver to look like: a creepy combination of smug and unhappy, like your least favorite schoolmarm. I was astounded to learn from the report that she is the mother of two children.

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