Lampedusa On The Border: The Numbers Are Getting Too Big To Hide
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Back during the Trump administration, after Trump caved to pressure from the “Kids in Cages” crowd and stabbed immigration patriot Jeff Sessions in the back, the border was essentially opened up to anyone coming to the border with a child. Even illegal aliens who had previously been deported were showing up at the border with their kid and being released into the U.S.

I had been sent to El Paso to essentially help the invasion into the country. At the Ysleta Border Patrol Station, one of the brass (I can no longer recall if he was the Assistant Patrol Agent in Charge or a supervisor) bragged to a group of us about how the Border Patrol was hiding illegal aliens from the residents of El Paso. It seemed that in the beginning, with massive amounts of illegals coming across, the Border Patrol would just dump them en masse at the downtown bus station. The pro-invasion mayor of El Paso got upset as he got complaints about massive waves of illegal aliens at the bus station. So, our Border Patrol Supervisor explained, the BP partnered with Catholic Charities and turned the some of the aliens over to Catholic Charities. With others, our agency would drop off a few illegal aliens at a time at the bus station. It was a sort of trickle-in approach, but it got the mayor’s office off of their backs.

When I heard this, I was appalled. If the Supervisor wanted to stop the invasion, giving the mayor’s office bad publicity would have been a step in that direction. We should have continued to dump busloads of illegal aliens there at the height of rush hour. It would have shown more of the citizens of El Paso what was truly happening and the press would have covered it. In fact, the press did cover it at first when the busloads were dumped there. As it was, I talked with a hotel clerk who had no idea about the invasion happening miles away from her. She was wondering why so many Border Patrol Agents were getting hotel rooms in town. She never got to see the teeming masses from where her hotel was located.

Now, it seems, the Border Patrol cannot be complicit and hide what is happening [EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: 7K Migrants Cross into One Texas Border Town in 72 Hours, Breitbart, September 20, 2023]. 

The numbers are too great even with Mayorkas’s illegal parole trying to say that they are crossing legally. Much like the Italian island of Lampedusa has been colonized, now the same thing is happening to American border towns (you could argue that they’ve already been colonized years ago).  

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