Larry Kudlow: A Piebald Pill?
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Larry Kudlow's selection as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors by President Trump has met with the orchestrated MSM screeching that greets any Trump move. [Reality-Show President Picks Cable News Talking Head to Be His Economic Adviser, by Jeffrey C. Billman, Indyweek, March 15 2018] But it's also upset the Dissident Right, for example Occidental Dissent's very shrewd Hunter Wallace ("Larry Kudlow has opposed economic populism for decades"). However, I think it could be, if not a white pill, perhaps a piebald one.

For one thing, one of Trump's more distressing habits is that he's not been good at rewarding his early supporters. Maybe Kris Kobach will be next!

Beyond that...I've known Larry for nearly four decades and like him: he's a genuinely nice and kind man. He is both extraordinarily articulate and a phenomenally quick study—he parlayed a 1969 University of Rochester history degree (his only degree) into a position as a leading supply-side economics spokesman in the Reagan Administration in just over ten years.

What's less widely recognized is Larry's flexibility: the same period saw him evolve, or perhaps more accurately shape-shift, from being a member of Students for A Democratic Society, the AntiFa of its day. And his boldness: he gambled by supporting Trump because of his tax plan, despite the intense Trump Derangement Syndrome raging throughout Conservatism Inc., and it paid off.

Larry, who is a Catholic convert, certainly has the ancestral Jewish fondness for immigration and he's certainly toed the supply-side line on free trade etc., which some of them extend to immigration. That's why this appointment could be a black pill.

But by accepting it, Kudlow has shown that he's prepared to compromise on tariffs, perhaps because tax cuts were always more important to him. At the direction of a strong President, no-one is better equipped to emerge as a leading spokesman for immigration patriotism, particularly as he familiarizes himself with the powerful arguments and his ingenious mind sees the polemical opportunities.

Black pill, white pill—let's settle for a piebald pill. As always, everything depends on Trump.

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