Latest Absurd Culture-War Coinage: “Heteropessimism”
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If only the patriotic Right were as clever as the woke Left when it came to dreaming up new words.

"Heteropessimism" is the latest absurdity [What is ‘heteropessimism’, and why do men and women suffer from it?, The Conversation, June 28, 2022].

To read the article—this one popped up in one of my browser's "news" feeds—is to take a dip into the calm and serious phrasing of modern culture destruction, as if we're talking about something like how to treat depression or get a greener lawn.

From the article: 

Heteropessimism describes something more mundane. It’s a pervasive disappointment, ambivalence, if not doubt, about the quality of the lived heterosexual experience.

Ah, yes, married life...or heterosexual dating life...can get boring.  All that inequality and normative gender role stuff.

Solution?  Get divorced and jump into the gay life!

Remember all that stuff about how we should just accept homosexuality, or at least tolerate it, because people are simply born that way?  And how gay activists would chortle at the idea that they're trying to "recruit"?

This article is flat out telling us that normal, heterosexual relationships are either too bougie or too unwoke, and that everyone should go gay to liven things up.

Only, from what I've observed, so many people come out as gay that it's getting to be a huge snooze.

I have few doubts that for a very small core of people, homosexuality is a genuinely innate condition for which it would be useless to criminalize behavior.  But billowing outward from that is a juggernaut of cultural saturation that is poised to do real harm.  Healthy human societies should, in fact, "marginalize" homosexuality and encourage stable marriages that produce babies.

Lookin' at you, Obergefell v. Hodges.


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