Latest SOCIAL CONTRACT Magazine Features Ed Rubenstein's EITC Coverage—"Taxpayers Fund Illegal Aliens"
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The latest Social Contract magazine is up—it features a lot of write Edwin S. Rubenstein's work on illegals accessing the Earned Income Tax Credit:
Read the Winter, 2018 Social Contract Journal: - "Taxpayers Fund Illegal Aliens - The Earned Income Tax Credit Scam". Here are direct links to the articles:
  1. Immigration 'Loopholes' Defraud Americans by Wayne Lutton, Ph.D.
  2. Illegal Immigration and the Earned Income Tax Credit - A study of fraud, abuse, and liberal activism: a 2018 update by Edwin S. Rubenstein
  3. I. EITC and ACTC Fraud by Edwin S. Rubenstein
  4. The Earned Inome Tax Credit (EITC) - a credit, not a deduction by Edwin S. Rubenstein
  5. II. EITC and Population Growth by Edwin S. Rubenstein
  6. Pro-Child, but Anti-Marriage by Edwin S. Rubenstein
  7. III. EITC and Low-Wage Jobs by Edwin S. Rubenstein
  8. IV. EITC and the Culture of Debt by Edwin S. Rubenstein
  9. V. EITC and Liberal Activism by Edwin S. Rubenstein
  10. The Corporate Alliance with Political Radicalism: A Great Deal of Ruin in a Nation by Carl F. Horowitz
  11. The Future Lies Ahead—and It’s Automated! Are We Ready for the Changes Technology Is Creating in Transportation? by Brenda Walker
  12. Countering Common Claims of Immigration Advocates by John Vinson
  13. Farmer, Citizen Activist, and Refugee Watchdog: Exclusive Interview with Ann Corcoran by Peter B. Gemma
  14. Illegal Aliens Still Victimize North Carolina’s Children by Dave Gibson
  15. Trump Administration Releases Data on Incarcerated Illegal Aliens - Justice Department and Homeland Security Issue Revealing Report by Department of Homeland Security
  16. Professor Otis Graham Leaves behind Inspiring Legacy as Scholar and Activist by Leon Kolankiewicz
  17. Diagnosing Canada’s Suicidal Decay: A Fresh Look at Canada’s Demographic Shift Vis-à-Vis Mass Immigration and Ethnic Diversity — Review of Canada in Decay by Ricardo Duchesne by Mark Wegierski
  18. The Surreal Success of a Civilizational Superorganism — Review of The Muhammad Code by Howard Bloom by Fred Elbel
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