McDonald’s Japan Doesn’t Hate The Family—Unlike McDonald’s USA
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McDonald’s in Japan is not quite the same as McDonald’s in America. First, the food prepared and presented is much better and has seasonal and Japan specific items. Have you ever had the Black Squid Burger? Delicious! McDonald’s in Japan are also cleaner and safer for obvious reasons, fewer black people. McDonald’s Japan also does not hate the Japanese or even whites. In America, McDonald’s is blackity black 365 days of the year. [The Confusing Case Of McDonald’s 365Black.Com, by Saya Weissman, Digiday, March 6, 2014]

Black McDonald’s Image

The Reality Of Black365 McDonald’s

McDonald’s is also into transexualism and degeneracy in the United States, aside from being a dangerous place to visit.

Will You Have Transexual Degeneracy With Your Fries?

Will You Have Black Trans Identity With Your Burger?

It is in contrast to McDonald’s Japan, which is white adjacent and pro-family. Their latest anime ad is the height of pro-white and family values. In the X post, McDonalds Japan presented a simple scene of a white presenting though obviously Japanese family enjoying a meal together. The father of the family in typical anime style appears a mix of white and Japanese, hāfu in Japanese, and the mother and daughter are even more white presenting, red hair and white skinned.

White Adjacent And Family Friendly

White adjacent is common in anime and in McDonald’s commercials. Being white is great in Japan, especially having white skin, either as a Caucasian or as Japanese.

Not Just White Adjacent But Superior Japanese Customer Service

And white adjacent is not new, it goes way back.

Modern Japanese White Adjacent Geisha

Traditional White Adjacent Geisha

It is the same story as we see during June every year, in Muslim countries no company has any rainbow branding, but in the West it is de rigueur. In Japan, unlike Bud Light, the marketing department at McDonald’s does not hate their customers and plays to their preferences, in this case family, white adjacency, customer service, safety, and an innovative menu.

Which would you rather have, white adjacency, family values, safety, and variety? Or violent, dangerous, transexuals, and slop?

In America instead of an innovative menu, you will get ex-cons and gangbangers.

No Thanks To Criminals With My Fries

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