Migration Videos: The Darien Gap And WEAPONS OF MASS MIGRATION
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A few videos of interest. If you wonder what it’s like traveling up through the Darien Gap to the United States, wonder no more. I came across this video I Was Trafficked Through the World's Deadliest Jungle, by a citizen journalist who calls himself “Bald And Bankrupt” after watching Dan Lyman of Borderhawk.news recommend it.

It’s an interesting take on an Englishman with a Greek going through the Darien Gap ostensibly on their way to America. The journey is rough and difficult, but by no means impossible.

It reminded me of a book my pacifist grandmother had about the U.S. military. The author of that long-forgotten book was saying that for a lot of new recruits in some ways boot camp will be the most difficult thing any of them ever go through. However, if you think about it, just about every new recruit manages to make it through. How difficult is it really if most people pass it? The same goes with this video. I’m sure Mr. Bald and Bankrupt was hot, sweaty, stung by mosquitos, walking long distances, and may have missed a couple of meals. However, if you look at who makes it through with him, there are small children and obese females at the end of the journey. How hard is it really?

In the near future, they may be shipping more and more of them around the jungle by boat too.

Another good video alerted to me by one of our readers is from The Epoch Times.

It gives a show of what it is like on our side of the border: Weapons of Mass Migration

This shows more of the NGOs’ role in facilitating the entry of illegal aliens. If you watch the previous video on the Darien Gap, then you will see the importance of the U.N. and the NGOs in destroying America. Many of these NGOs are getting very rich in importing Third Worlders.

If you find that video interesting, they have a follow-up panel on the movie Weapons of Mass Migration.


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