MSM Outlet Concedes: Immigration Patriotism POPULAR with Electorate
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Very unusual for the MSM to admit this:

Texas Republicans are taking hard-line stances on immigration ahead of the March 4 primary elections to win support from the party's base, while Democrats are hoping those policies will convince more Hispanics to vote for them.

Candidates for Texas governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general responded to an Associated Press questionnaire on the subject, their answers highlighting a growing philosophical rift between Texas Republicans and the national party's more moderate policies intended to attract more minorities.

But campaign consultants say illegal immigration is a top issue for Republican voters in Texas, who want their candidates to implement tough policies, including placing state police on the border. Candidates are distancing themselves from past policies that Gov. Rick Perry once defended, such as in-state tuition for the children of immigrants in the country illegally, and and taking a far more militant approach.

Texas GOP Candidates: Immigration Stance Can Win  Votes,, January 18 2014. Emphases added.

"[N]ational party's more moderate policies intended to attract more minorities" of course = raise more money from the Donor class.

Indeed, this Texas transformation may in part result from the 2013 death of home builder Bob Perry, a key Slave Power funder.

Significantly, NBC reports that the Democratic candidates unwaveringly oppose effective enforcement. Clearly they have given up on the Texas Anglo vote and place all their hopes on Reconquista.

Equally clearly, this is treason.

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