MSU Shooting: Lansing Media Wouldn’t Announce Race Of Killer WHILE HE WAS STILL AT LARGE
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A black gunman did a mass shooting at Michigan State University, killing three, wounding five. Below, from a previous incident, a Michigan Department of Corrections booking photo of Anthony McRae.

This is an announcement that was in the breaking news of the Lansing State Journal, the newspaper meant read by people actually in the danger zone:

UPDATED: 10:15 P.M. — MSU police in a social media post about 10 p.m. said they are seeking a short male with a mask in connection with the reported shootings on campus Monday night. The department added it was ”still receiving multiple calls of an active shooter on campus and that of 10:04 p.m. ”a person is actively shooting at the East Lansing campus.”
[Police say suspect in MSU shootings had no known ties to campus,
Sheldon Krause, Mike Ellis, Emily Lawler, Mark Johnson
Lansing State Journal, February 13/14, 2023]

Why say ”on social media” rather than on Twitter?  

I guessed it was on Twitter, so I looked and found it Mentioned Race:

So 19 minutes after the local police said the gunman was probably black, while the gunman was still at large, the local paper was refusing to tell its readers that Politically Incorrect fact.

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