Never Let A Murder Go To Waste: Black Democrat Maryland Governor Wes Moore Says Rachel Morin Case Shows Need For Amnesty
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The general public is upset with the open border, not to mention all the recent reports of illegal aliens committing rapes and murders. 

What’s a Democratic governor to do? Why, go on offense, of course! Attack, attack, attack. It’s a technique, a tactic to get you the win. If you are the governor (black Democrat Maryland Governor Wes Moore) you don’t want to sit back and have to defend the policies that Biden enacted to get the open border. NO! You want to make counteraccusations to put your opponent on the defensive and obfuscate the obvious truth [Rachel Morin murder case shows need for immigration reform, Maryland governor says, WJZ, June 17, 2024]. 

Remember, we all know that “immigration reform” (usually, "comprehensive immigration reform") is code for amnesty.  Control the language, control the narrative. 

“We have got to fix a broken immigration policy.” Moore goes on to shill for the Senate border bill that Chuck Schumer couldn’t even get passed by the Senate, and Moore ignores house bill H.R.2 that would secure the border. 

Keep in mind that Moore represents the party that broke the immigration policy now offering to fix it.  Does anyone really trust them to do that? As Rahm Emanuel said: Never let a crisis go to waste. 

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