New Solution For Haitian Illegals—Maid's Jobs In Brookline, MA
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Where on earth are we going to put these millions of illegals we've allowed in?

Last month I noted a new approach from the state of Massachusetts. The governor of that state—and I still don't understand why I can't say ”governess,” but everyone assures me I can't—Massachusetts' Governor Maura Healey had appealed for citizens to take illegal aliens into their homes.

Incredibly, people are responding affirmatively to her appeal. An NBC station up there has reported on a Haitian family of illegals who had been sleeping on the floor at Logan Airport. Then their two-year-old daughter got sick and they were lodged somehow at the hospital that was treating her.

Now their troubles are over. They have been taken in by a nice white lady named Lisa.

This is in Brookline, a modestly prosperous little town in eastern Massachusetts. The Haitian family—Dad, Mom, and little girl— join the three percent of Brookline's population that is black.

The wife cooks for Lisa, who told the NBC reporter that, quote: ”I feel like I have my own personal chef.”

Wasn't there a time, not very long ago, when every upper-middle-class American home had a black maid to do the cooking and cleaning? Or did I just dream that …?

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