New York State: $2.3 Billion Tax-Funded Grant To Improve JFK International Airport Is ONLY Available To Non-White Or Female-Owned Businesses
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Auron MacIntyre put it brilliantly on Twitter, and this should be memorized by all who refuse to understand the nature of the game we are unwittingly forced to play:

Antiwhite bigotry is the most pervasive form of discrimination in the United States/ Our governing intuitions enthusiastically promote and practice it without fear

He is referring to a $2.3 billion tax-funded grant to JFK Airport in New York City exclusively available to BIPOC-owned firms or women-owned businesses. White men need not apply…

Governor Hochul Announces JFK Airport Construction Sets Record MWBE Participation With $2.3 Billion in Contracts Awarded, Governor.NY.Gov, April 29, 2024

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced a historic milestone in the ongoing transformation of JFK International Airport, where a record $2.3 billion in contracts have been awarded to Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE). This is the largest participation of MWBE firms on any public-private partnership project in New York State history. With construction of new airport facilities fully underway, MWBE participation at JFK will continue to break records until the redevelopment is substantially complete expected in 2028. JFK redevelopment also demonstrates a significant focus on working with local contractors, awarding more than $950 million in contracts to Queens-based businesses to date.

“New York remains committed to providing travelers with a premier experience that includes world-class amenities and record involvement by local minority- and women-owned businesses will ensure just that,” Governor Hochul said. “This transformative project uplifts these businesses and deepens investments in the community while bolstering the state workforce.”

With today’s announcement JFK surpasses the LaGuardia Airport redevelopment, which set the previous New York State record for MWBE participation in a public-private project with $2.2 billion in contracts awarded. As the $19 billion JFK project moves forward, additional contracts with MWBE firms will be awarded to meet with the Port Authority’s goal of 30 percent MWBE participation for the agency’s capital projects, consistent with Governor Hochul’s nation-leading goals for MWBE utilization in state projects. The Port Authority is working closely with its private terminal developer partners—the New Terminal One, Delta Air Lines and JFKIAT, JFK Millennium Partners, and American Airlines—to engage minority and women-owned businesses along with local businesses in every aspect of the redevelopment program. To date, 680 MWBEs have been awarded contracts at JFK along with more than 200 businesses based in Queens.

People wonder why we can’t have nice things in America anymore, or build magnificent public spaces to be celebrated by all in the present and for our posterity. Well, that’s because our local, state, and federal government basically runs a racial spoils system spreading white taxpayer largesse to benefit exclusively minority-owned firms, with little to no oversight.

Anti-white bigotry is the currency of our elite, the very idea uniting the coalition of the fringes on the Left for which they have mortgaged the future of the nation.

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