Nobody Is Too Sure What "Stop White Hate" Means, But It Must Be Banned Just In Case
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Does “Stop white hate” mean “Stop hate by whites” or “Stop hate of whites?”

Neither sentiment seems all that objectionable to me.

Apparently, the local powers that be read the sign not as supporting the Establishment’s demonization of hate by whites, but as scandalously objecting to the hatred of whites that has become such a noteworthy feature of respectable society over the decade of the Great Awokening.

And that’s not to be tolerated!

By way of analogy, in 2022, a well-funded Jewish NGO launched a campaign around the hashtag #EndJewHate. From ABC News:

Group launches ‘#EndJewHate’ national billboard campaign to denounce antisemitism

The organization’s hot pink billboards send a clear message.

By Abby Cruz and Kendall Ross
February 12, 2022, 9:35 AM

A nonprofit organization is tackling growing attacks on the Jewish community in a splashy way—by installing bright pink billboards across the country that denounce antisemitism.

The New Jersey-based organization, JewBelong, launched the #EndJewHate campaign last June with billboards in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Las Vegas and now, Miami, after flyers blaming Jews for Covid-19 were found distributed in two South Florida cities last month.

But some Jews found the term #EndJewHate anti-Semitic because they read it as implying an objection to hate by Jews rather than an objection to hate of Jews.

But few, no matter how they read “End Jew Hate,” objected on the grounds that hate of Jews is a good thing and must not be ended or even noticed that hate of Jew exists. In contrast, the possibility that “Stop White Hate” implies that hate directed at whites is not a good thing places that ambiguous phrase beyond the pale.

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