“Non-Racist” Conservative David Mastio Gets Booted Downstairs at USA TODAY, Despite “Non-Racism”
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David Mastio [Tweet him] has had, by his own description, a 30-year career in opinion journalism.

For much of it, he has positioned himself as a “non-racist conservative.” He was assigned years ago to edit the improper racial writings of Wes Pruden of the Washington Times, and famously attacked Sam Francis upon his death as someone who was "merely a racist and doesn't deserve to be remembered as anything less" [Francis re-fought immoral battles of 1964, by David Mastio, Washington Examiner, February 22, 2005].

Recently, for a tweet in which he insisted that "people who are pregnant are also women," he was demoted from his deputy opinion editor perch at USA Today [USA Today demoted me for a tweet — because its woke newsrooms are out of touch with readers, June 23, 2022].

Mastio gets into detail about how deeply ensconced wokeism has become in American journalism.

But he is oblivious to the way in which he was an eager enforcer of an earlier version of the same wokeism that is now hobbling his own career.

The lesson is:  They're coming for you.  

What a pathetic thing, the white male in journalism.  He can write about anything but his own intended extinction.


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