NYC, DC Mayors Complaining Bitterly About GOP Governors Adding To The Illegals They've Been Encouraging For Years
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Somewhat amusingly, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser are upset that Texas Governor Abbott is sending them a few buses full of illegal aliens.  This despite both Mayors proclaiming their cities to be sanctuary cities.  The Democrats are skilled at flipping things back at the Republicans, and this is another example of that.

Long before Abbott started sending the buses, both Washington, D.C. and New York City have been destinations for illegal aliens.  Montgomery County, Maryland outside D.C. has a huge legal and illegal alien population.  New York City is much the same.  I believe that both cities would be experiencing a crisis even without Abbott sending even a single bus to these locations.  However, since Abbott has done so, it has given the Mayors an excuse to throw it back at Abbott and claim that it is the Governor’s fault and not do a mea culpa over proclaiming their cities to be sanctuary cities  [GOP states push back against DC, NYC calls for federal help with migrant surge, by Adam Shaw, Fox News, July 22, 2022].

The number of illegal aliens being sent to both cities is a very small fraction of the whole that is crossing the southern border.

This reminds me years ago of a liberal relative of mine.  We were talking in their expensive New England home about illegal immigration.  My aunt was telling me that we had plenty of room in this country to let in more immigrants, just look at all that empty farm land!  It got me thinking that it was not as if illegal aliens cross the border with the hope of settling in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa or the wind-swept plains of South Dakota.  No, they want what my Aunt enjoyed, to live in a beautiful town close to the Atlantic where there was plenty of money and great schools.  Plus, lots of liberals willing to bend over backwards for new arrivals to make themselves feel good and virtuous. 

I say we give the hypocrites what they want for others.  If the Republicans ever get the presidency again, they should go after sanctuary states and cities, but those cities who resist should get all the millions who have crossed.  


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