Politico:"White voters still matter"—Tell Us About It!
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This is apparently big news to The Politico:

White voters still matter By JAMES HOHMANN | 10/26/12 4:29 PM EDT

RENO, Nev. — If Mitt Romney wins the presidency, part of the lesson of 2012 will be that white voters still matter.

The polling couldn’t be clearer or more polarizing: A POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Tracking Poll has Romney ahead of President Barack Obama among white voters by 18 points, 57 percent to 39 percent. Gallup showed Romney ahead among whites by 20-plus points this month.

A Washington Post-ABC News Tracking poll released Thursday showed a similarly large spread between the GOP nominee and Obama at 21 percentage points.

It’s the largest divide since George H.W. Bush carried white voters by 20 points over Michael Dukakis in 1988. Obama trailed John McCain among white voters by just 12 points.

“There’s no doubt that running up the score with white voters is the only way Romney is going to win this thing,” said Tom Jensen, the Democratic pollster who runs Public Policy Polling.

“His numbers with African-Americans and Hispanics have barely moved at all. But, with white voters, Romney went from being up 10, or 12, to 19, or 20. That 20-point threshold with white voters is probably the absolute bare minimum he needs to at least win the popular vote. He may need to win whites by 25 percent.” [More]

Of course, there's nothing here that VDARE.com hasn't been saying for 12 years, or that Peter Brimelow wasn't saying in Alien Nation, Chapter 10 ["Immigration Has Consequences: Political Power"] in 1995. Quote:

 DEMOCRATS' PROBLEM #1: There's still some way to go. The immigration pincers may not even be closing fast enough to reelect Clinton—unless the white vote is split again, (Or unless he succeeds in dividing the whites on class lines. Which he well might—for example with his tax increases.) This problem is made more serious for the Democrats by another factor: minorities tend to be ineligible, unregistered, or too young to vote. Note that the minority proportion of the 1992 vote lagged significantly behind their proportion of the population.

And then of course, after a brief moment of political realism, The Politico pulls back from the brink and starts hyping Hispanics again:

If Republicans don’t make inroads with Latinos, mega-states like Texas might eventually be in play and Florida’s hue will become less purple and more blue.

I'll believe that when I see—and I may see it. But even then, the Sailer Strategy will work if the white vote becomes genuinely polarized.

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