Prez Resurrects Immigration Bill: Says He'll See Us At The Signing! What!?
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I almost didn't believe it when I read it: PRESIDENT BUSH IS RESURRECTING HIS IMMIGRATION BILL.

You know of what bill I speak! The immigration bill which amazingly manages to go beyond what even the simplest of voters would call "amnesty" and instead practically meets the definition of "aiding and abetting" treason. Who am I kidding? Please omit the word "practically" from the previous sentence.

President Bush is obviously unaware of the at least one or more of the following issues:

1. This is his last term in office and of that he only has a year and change left. 2. Nobody who considers themselves a conservative would say that he is as well. 3. His immigration bill was, is and will always be worthless—unless you're an illegal alien...then it's perfect!

Why would he toss this crummy legislation back into the hat? It's already failed before...a few spite of its various why would he think it stands a chance now? What has changed in the short time since it last failed...

Ahhh! His party is no longer in power—the Pelosi/Reid Democrats run the show and as evidence of my claim the Bush II is not a conservative, the Dems have always seen eye-to-eye with the Prez on this issue. On other issues as well but this is hardly the place to discuss that.

In fact, Senate Democrat leaders like the bill but are urging the President to lean on his own party to get it passed.

Good grief! In a time where every GOP candidate under the sun is invoking the spirit of President Ronald Reagan at every (filmed) opportunity, I have to ask if there is anything Reaganesque about a Republican President pushing members of his own party to sell-out their constituents (not to mention their party) and support this bill?

Who am I kidding? When has anybody ever compared President George W. Bush to President Ronald Reagan?

Other than himself of course...

Morfe info here.

To add great insult to injury, the President is quite sure his amnesty bill will pass this time. Currently on tour in Europe, the President (in what I am sure he considered a humorous manner) announced his intention to throw it back into the ring and concluded his remarks with:

"I'll see you at the bill signing!"

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