Pro-Palestinian Vandalism Of Central Park WWI Memorial Motivated By Nihilism, Anti-Americanism
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I got a nihilistic vibe from Monday's vandalizing of the WW1 memorial in New York City's Central Park.

That one ticked me off more than the college-campus antics. Like most Brits I have a special place in my heart for that war, the more so in my case because my Dad actually fought in it.

Americans don't have such a strong collective memory of WW1. It's regarded more as a kind of blip between the big ones: the Civil War and WW2. I lived in New York City for a while without even knowing there is a memorial. It's off the beaten track in Central Park; my wife and I came across it by chance while walking there one day.

One Hundred Seventh Infantry Memorial Details

So what kind of point were these vandals trying to make on Monday, defacing the memorial with graffiti and stickers of the Palestine flag?

No kind of point. They just wanted to show each other how bold they are in their hatred of the USA. Nihilism doesn't need any point or reason.

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