Prostitution and Illegal Immigration
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Meredith May and Deanne Fitzmaurice wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle wrote about an exploited young Korean prostitute. The part of this article I think that may be of special interest to VDARE.COM readers explains some of the connection between the sex trade in the US and illegal immigration:

"Why do we have to cross illegally if we have passports?" she asked, referring to the passport that traffickers in Seoul had created for her.
The woman explained that Koreans need visas to get into the United States, but not into Mexico or Canada. Because it's difficult to obtain legitimate U.S. visas in Korea, it's easier to fly just outside the California border and sneak in.
"You've come this far," the woman said. "Why don't you just cross?"

Now, I personally feel that banning prostitution doesn't really protect the women involved in this trade. I would rather see laws regulating working conditions and safety that would weigh on those that profit from this practice—and the simple fact is that there is a lot of valuable real estate that is being used for clearly illegal purposes and can and should be seized to fund a fair solution to this issue. The current structure that pushes young women into the sex trade in countries where they don't understand the legal system and have few legal protections is dangerous for both countries involved. There ought to be some program to faciliate rapid repatriation of anyone brought to the US for an illegal purpose-and to make sure that this process doesn't weigh on them any more heavily than necessary. I would expect that if a woman brought to the US illegally went to a shelter at present, the most the shelter would do is help them get a green card-when what they really need is to be interviewed by someone that can give them legal assistance-and being gotten back home in a matter of days—and provided some funds so they can resettle in their home country decently(paid for of course by the profiteers in this situation). I don't want to make the lives of the women exploited by this trade any harder-but I see no reason to tolerate wealthy folks becoming wealthier this way. It would also be rather simple to require that if Canada and Mexico want continuation of NAFTA or anything like it that they stiffen their visa requirement and demonstrably cease to be a conduit for illegal immigration to the US.


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