Queens Landlord Enriched By Biden Immivasion—Neighborhood Destroyed
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Here is a classic demonstration that the Biden Immivasion can benefit the owners of capital, while degrading the living standards of ordinary Americans.

More than 70 migrants found living in Queens basement after e-bike battery tip, by Myles Miller and Melissa Colorado, NBCNewYork.com, February 28, 2024

…investigation revealed that 74 individuals had been living in the basement, reportedly sleeping in shifts to accommodate everyone, according to the landlord, who spoke with NBC New York.

Ebou Sarr, a migrant himself who runs the furniture store, said he felt sorry for the migrants, most of whom are from his native Senegal in West Africa

The landlord continued to tell NBC New York that the basement with beds was the best he could provide. The migrants apparently slept in shifts and had access to only two bathrooms….

The environmental impact of the presence 74 men with access to only two bathrooms and nowhere to take leisure must go far beyond that of a few e-bike batteries (paid for by whom?).

Being blacks whose only European language (if any) would be French (Senegal was French-ruled) their impact would be particularly jarring.

Senegal is not a promising source of high-quality immigrants, for the reason J. Philippe Rushton laid out in I.Q.: Why Africa is Africa—and Haiti Haiti. But they will no doubt be an excellent source of Democratic votes.

The Gothamist account Dozens of migrants in Queens allegedly found living in commercial basement, by David Brand, Brittany Kriegstein and Bahar Ostadan, February 27, 2024 adds:

Ebou Sarr, the business owner using the space to house migrants, told Gothamist… he was housing 72 men in the basement and first-floor of the commercial space on Liberty Avenue and charging them $300 each for a bed and food.

Thus the Democrats’ ”No Borders policy, besides inducing many immivaders to live in very harsh conditions, has created a cash bonanza for unscrupulous landlords (this operation smashed many building and occupancy regulations).

The Democratic elite does not care. But it is willing to lie to the serfs about who is benefitting: WASHINGTON POST Uses The Toilet Paper Fallacy Again To Fool The Serfs That ‘No Borders’ Is Good For Them.



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