Radio Derb Transcript Up For March 5 : Money Privilege, Renegade Royals, Biden's Immigration Distraction, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for March 5. Go here to read or listen.



01m00s  Money privilege.  (Easily beats white privilege.)

07m26s  Renegade royals.  (Harry and Meghan, of course.)

14m44s  Cuomo the Charmer.  (Imploding in Albany.)

22m15s  Lessons from the foregoing.  (The sage explains.)

24m21s  The great immigration distraction?  (Not a crisis, a challenge.)

31m06s  FBI chief talks "domestic terrorism."  (Listen and weep.)

33m21s  The War on Terror continues.  (Price of female literacy.)

35m48s  Checking up on the Accidental Asian.  (Yes, he's made it.) 

38m20s  Kiss her, she's Irish.  (Then brace for Stone Butch Appreciation Month.)

41m38s  Gold in them there cwms.  (Remembering the Sixty-Two-ers.)

42m56s  Saving Britain's National Health Service finances.  (With cheap foreigners.)

45m02s  Remembering a catastrophe.  (Japan cleaned up.)

45m59s  ChiComs probe our defenses.  (Testing for the virus.)

47m09s  Signoff.  (Muppets, coconuts.)

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