Radio Derb Transcript Up For October 21—Anarcho-Tyranny In Derbyshire, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for October 21—go here to read or listen.


News from Derbyshire; in fact from Derby, the capital of Derbyshire, which is of course a county in England. This item illustrates the sorry state of English liberties after a half-century of multiculturalism.

The news is, that a supermarket worker in Derby, a white Englishman name of Joshua Dryden, twenty years old, let loose in a video on Snapchat about how much he dislikes Pakistanis. We know he’s a supermarket worker because he’s wearing the store’s uniform in this video.

That hurt the feelings of some Pakistanis, so they complained to the police. Mr Dryden was arrested and questioned. He has — I’m quoting here from the official police statement — he has been released under investigation while inquiries continue.

That’s how things are in England nowadays. My friends and relatives over there tell me it’s a waste of time to call the police if your house gets broken into. They won’t even bother to show up, just tell you to file an insurance report.

Say an unkind word about foreign Muslims, though, and the peelers will have you down at the station house in cuffs before you can say “Magna Carta.” Poor old England!


10m54s — From the email bag. (Responding to listeners.)

24m22s — Study Nineteen Big. (If you can stay awake.)

31m19s — The cyberwar threat. (It’s asymmetric.)

39m09s — Nationalism advances in Europe. (Austria votes for borders.)

45m47s — Twitterphobes unite! (A new recruit.)

47m39s — Anarcho-tyranny in Derbyshire. (The bobbies take action.)

49m26s — I am an Armageddon denier. (Bugwise.)

51m49s — Failure of Christmas spirit. (In October.)

52m41s — Signoff. (Overalls in the chowder.)

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