Redemption? DeMint Came Through On The Amnesty Bill!!! (More Or Less)
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Senator DeMint: :"...if people read the will be blocked..."

Although unadvertised, ABC’s This Week did in fact touch on the Amnesty Bill – a bit less than a fifth of the transcript (pages 5-7) deals with it. And I have to say former Senator DeMint went some way to redeeming himself.

DeMint rested his case entirely on bean counting:

…the study you'll see from Heritage this week presents the staggering costs of another amnesty in our country and the detrimental effects, long-term, that that will happen…we just want congress, for once, to count the costs of a bill. They're notorious for underestimating the costs and not understanding the consequences.
He faltered alarmingly before coming up with what has turned out to be the Money Quote
STEPHANOPOULOS: ...I'm going to repeat the question. Do you block this legislation this year or not?

DEMINT: Well, it's difficult to — I think if people read the bill, that it will be blocked because once you get into it, just like Obamacare, it is not what — the way it's being advertised.

Of course reading the bill eliminates any tolerance for it as I have noted here and here.

So “One sword, at least” was drawn to defend to defend America on today’s Talk Shows. I salute Senator DeMint. I hope I have been too harsh on him – maybe this timorous opposition is the most the MSM will allow.

And yes, I salute George STEPHANOPOULOS’ “This Week” too. Having also had on Lou Barletta and Jeff Sessions to talk about the Amnesty bill, the show has emerged as the least bigoted of the Sunday Talk venues. I know – I keep track.

I hope Stephanopoulos is not rewarded with the Lou Dobbs treatment.

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