Sailer In TakiMag: The Grand Tour
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From my new Taki’s Magazine column:

The Grand Tour
Steve Sailer

May 22, 2024

Until recently, I would have guessed I’d never get to do an old-fashioned book tour in my lifetime.

After all, I didn’t make a single public appearance in more than a decade, from February 2013 until June 2023. I’d occasionally get invited to give speeches, then hear that the hotel had canceled the conference out of fear of Antifa violence or of bad publicity for platforming a crimethinker like myself who thus deserved to have his conference smashed up by Black Bloc thugs.

Granted, in retrospect it seems extremely weird that an avuncular, public-spirited, and intensely reasonable citizen like me was treated this way, but that’s how crazy America was during the recent decade of the Great Awokening: I was de facto banned from public speaking, while Ibram X. Kendi was handed tens of millions of dollars.

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