Schools Becoming More Segregated as America Runs Out of White Children
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From the New York Times:

‘Threatening the Future’: The High Stakes of Deepening School Segregation

By Dana Goldstein
May 10, 2019

… Today, the decreasing white share of the public school population across the country may lead some to believe that schools are becoming more integrated. But the reverse is true, according to the report. The percentage of intensely segregated schools, defined as those where less than 10 percent of the student body is white, tripled between 1988 and 2016, from 6 to 18 percent. …

If integration is the goal and integration is defined as going to school at a school that is at least 10% white, then the big problem is that America is running out of white children.

Liberal States Suffer Some of the Most Severe Segregation

White students now account for less than half of the nation’s public school students, and Latinos are the most deeply segregated racial group in schools, according to the researchers.

While segregation was once most severe in the former states of the Confederacy, in 2016 it was in four liberal states — New York, California, Maryland and Illinois — that black children were most likely to attend intensely segregated schools. Latinos were most likely to attend intensely segregated schools in California, New York, Texas and New Jersey.

… In 2016, 48 percent of public school students were white, 26 percent were Latino, 15 percent were black and 6 percent were Asian.

White children aren’t the majority anymore, but that doesn’t relieve the white children of their duties to their fellow minorities.

Maybe we should be taking steps to encourage more white babies? For the sake of integration.

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