Securing Mexico's Southern Border—With American Tax Dollars
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This from a humor site:
IMAO: Securing a Border I like this idea: President Bush is going to fund a border fence for Mexico's southern border. We should call this the "Keep American Illegals Mexican" bill. We only want hard-working, honest Mexican illegal immigrants, not any of those shifty, Hugo Chavez-voting Venezuelans.
But the fact is that the $1.4 Billion dollar Merida Initiative is going to send American tax dollars to Mexico to help defend what they call La Frontera Sur.

The Merida Initiative, a huge giveaway, provides, among other things

Helicopters and surveillance aircraft to support interdiction activities and rapid operational response of law enforcement agencies in Mexico.
They aren't going to be interdicting American tourists, but all the people coming from the south. In 2001, in an Allan Wall column that mentioned President Fox's Plan Frontera Sur, we included this note:
[VDARE.COM note: Click here for a Spanish language story on the Plan Frontera Sur, Mexico's Southern Border Plan. Perhaps President Fox would provide his friend Jorge Bush with a copy, since a Plan Frontera Sur is what our Presidente chiefly lacks]
So seven years later he finally has a plan—but we were hoping he'd guard American's southern border.
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