Senator Harry Reid: Hearing Ancestral Voices?
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AP reports that Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid, now leading the Amnesty charge in the Senate, yesterday made


an unusually personal speech...after GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions...of Alabama had referred to a position the Nevadan had once taken.

In near-confessional tones, Reid said he had once supported legislation to close the borders between Mexico and the United States, "in effect, stop people from coming across our borders into the United States."

His wife, whose father was a Russian immigrant, confronted him, Reid recalled, and he later held a town hall meeting at which friends told him he had made a mistake.


Senate Set for Test Vote Over Immigration -By David Espo AP April 5 2005


Reid, (whose Senate web site has a Spanish version) is a Mormon. From its earliest days in the 19th Century, Mormonism bolstered its numbers by recruiting overseas - the church has historical reasons for sentimentalism about immigration. Reid's wife was named Landra Gould. There aren't many Goulds in Russia - or Mormons. Could the couple be a prize case of the "Jerusalem Syndrome" discussed by Steve Sailer yesterday (examples 2 & 4)?

Very expensive for more representative Americans.

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