Senator Lindsey Graham /Gomez (S.C.): I can't tell you how impressed I am with Senator Kennedy..."
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Apparently, and unfortunately, the House takes up consideration of the Kennedy-Bush Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration bill tomorrow, and the MSM Treason Lobby is unlimbering the big guns. Bloomberg News has activated Washington managing editor Al Hunt.

Bush-Kennedy Alliance May Win the Day on Immigration - July 17 2006 is basically a shoddy specimen of what Peter Brimelow this morning called a template or "stereotype" Omnibus Immigration article, complete with cliches like reverential genuflections to the Statue of Liberty, references to the "No Irish need apply" myth, and the usual denigration of the patriots who ultimately succeeded in stemming the immigration flood in the 1920s.

And of course Hunt fails to present the economic or demographic facts accurately- for instance he notes

About 12 percent of the U.S. population today is foreign born; in 1910, it was 15 percent.
but fails to disclose that, back then, the birth rate of the native born was similar to the immigrants- unlike now, which accounts for the rapidity of the country???s present transformation.

As often the case with these advocacy-disguised-as-Journalism pieces, much effort is devoted to flattering an important ally, in this case Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a true martyr to the cause:

Lindsey Graham, a pro-immigration American politician, knows the ugly side of this issue: Some of his constituents derisively call him Lindsey ''Gomez.''
Quite a good deal could be said about Graham, who otherwise distinguished himself by helping the Washington Establishment side-track opposition to China's egregious exchange rate policy, but all those experienced in the Immigration Wars need to hear is:
''I can't tell you how impressed I am with Senator Kennedy's willingness to try to solve this problem,'' Graham says.
Yes, that Senator Kennedy—the legislator more responsible for the current mess than any other.

I doubt this remark will do Graham much good. Al Hunt was careless—he must have been anxious to get back to the beach. Tell him.

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