Send Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) After Sanctuary City Mayors—Their Aiding And Abetting Is A Federal Crime!
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In my ongoing series of posts on the issue of what President Donald J. Trump can do in the area of immigration law enforcement and policy I am giving the incoming President insider advice on what action to take. In the latest post, I identified several criminals aiding and abetting illegal aliens to enter and remain in the United States, including the sitting Governor of California, Jerry Brown, the President of the University of California (UC), Janet Napolitano, and several major and minor functionaries in the UC system. [Target California, Federale, Federale Blog, November 13, 2016]

In my first post I warned about the allies and enemies President Trump will have in the immigration bureaucracy. [President Trump Will Have Foes In Immigration Bureaucracy—But Also Friends. They Can Help Him Win, Federale,, April 21, 2016]

treason_and_sabotage_immigration_bureaucrats_acted_to_protect_san_bernardino_terrorists_vdare_-_premier_news_outlet_for_patriotic_immigration_reform_-_2016-11-16_00-32-28Importantly I warned about the vicious enemies he will have in U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  I have confirmed that most employees there are apoplectic over the Trump victory.  One senior USCIS employee even warned some employees not to be enthusiastic about Trump, claiming that Obama was still president, and his policies, rather than the law, will hold sway.  Well, warning to her, and it is a her, not one of the traitors I identified in the San Bernardino fiasco, but a close associate of that triumvirate of evil. [Treason and Sabotage: Immigration Bureaucrats Acted To Protect San Bernardino Terrorists, Federale,,, July 5, 2016]

In the spirit of criminalizing the Democrat Party, I again propose using the United States Code, Title 18, Section 1324, against those who think, like Hillary Clinton, they are above the law.  In this case, three big city mayors, Ed Lee of San Francisco, Rahm Emmanuel of Chicago, and Bill De Blasio of New York City, besides mouthing platitudes about immigrants and illegal aliens, actually take concrete action to aid, abet, and assist illegal aliens to remain in the United States.

All three of these big city Democrat mayors have openly stated that their cities are a "sanctuary" for illegal aliens.  One would think that admitting to a crime in public was not a good idea, but none are very bright, and interestingly for Democrat politicians, none are attorneys, which might explain their foolish statements.  In the law enforcement business, this is called a confession.

Now Los Angeles mayor Gil Garcetti has also publicly stated that Los Angeles is a sanctuary city, but Garcetti is a lawyer, and is covered by the fact that Los Angeles does not take any affirmative action to specifically aid illegal aliens to remain in there.  LA City and County refuse in most cases to assist with immigration law enforcement, but such assistance is not legally required, as the Constitution prohibits the Federal government from forcing a State to assist it.

SEATTLE — Democratic mayors of major US cities that have long had cool relationships with federal immigration officials say they’ll do all they can to protect residents from deportation, despite President-elect Donald Trump’s vows to withhold potentially millions of dollars in taxpayer money if they don’t cooperate.

New York’s Bill de Blasio, Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel and Seattle’s Ed Murray are among those in “sanctuary cities” who have tried to soothe immigrant populations worried about Trump’s agenda.

[Mayors Pledge To Defend ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Against Trump, by AP Staff Writer, New York Post, November 15, 2016]

However, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, among other cities, actively assist illegal aliens in remaining in the United States.  The primary method is an identification card specifically designed for illegal aliens.  In fact, New York City is now planning to destroy all records of those cards to protect illegal aliens.
800NEW YORK (AP) — When New York City launched the nation's biggest municipal ID card program last year, advocates said it would help people living in the U.S. illegally to venture out of the shadows.

But since Donald Trump was elected president, city officials are instead fielding questions about whether the cards could put those same people at greater risk of being deported.

The city has vowed to protect cardholders' personal records and might even delete them using a kind of self-destruct provision that allows for the information to be destroyed at the end of the year. At least one state lawmaker has criticized that idea, saying it could make it impossible to trace people if they have obtained cards fraudulently.

[After Trump Win, NYC Could Destroy Immigrant ID Card Data, AP Staff Writter, AP, November 15, 2016]

That, of course, would be illegal as well, a violation of Title 18 United States Code, Section 1519, Destruction of Evidence, also known as the Enron Statute, among other laws as well.

It is very brazen of De Blasio especially, given his myriad legal problems and ongoing investigations, but it will give the New Yorker Trump cover to come at De Blasio on illegal immigration as well as De Blasio's corruption.

But for De Blasio, Lee, and Emmanuel, their main problem is the open flouting of Federal immigration law.  And it is especially delicious as in the last few years the Left has been arguing that only the Federal government can have an immigration policy, now they claim that every city or State can have its own immigration policy.  However, cities and States can not have their own immigration policy, nor are they allowed to aid, abet, and assist illegal aliens to remain in the United States.

To further his immigration enforcement policy, and in States where there is little or no political downside, Trump should immediately order Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) to initiate investigations into the municipal identification cards provided by San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago, then quickly have the Department of Justice bring criminal charges against those city employees involved in the issuance of the cards and the mayors, and give Emmanuel, Lee, and De Blasio the perp walk they so richly deserve.  Combine this with a prosecution of Hillary Clinton and her family and associates, and the Democrat Party will be finished.  There might even be a legal basis to use the RICO statute to declare the Democrat Party a criminal organization.

A criminal prosecution, not only of the individuals, but of the city governments themselves, would also enable President Trump to cut off all Federal funds from the cities involved, as usually restrictions on funding is directly related to the purpose of the funds, but that principle does not apply to criminal actors.

But President Trump must strike quickly. good strategy would see these indictments and perp walks soon after a Hillary Clinton indictment and perp walk.  Strike while the iron is hot! Shock and awe the Democrats into submission.


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