Smugglers Abandon Illegal Stuck In Border Barrier; Drop 3-Year-Old Over The Top
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Two tweets from Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke, head of the San Diego Border Sector, show exactly what agents must deal with day to day, and just how brazen smugglers and their illegal-alien customers have become. But the tweets also show how stupid smugglers and their customers are, and raise the obvious question of how many illegals are employable in anything but low-skilled jobs that require an IQ higher than 80.

In the first, Heitke explained that a smuggler or smugglers left an obese woman stuck between the bars of a barrier, just as the coyotes abandoned a woman who hanged herself in April.

Understandably, hilarity ensued: “Well it looks like she wasn’t starving back in her home country,” one reply to Heitke said. “So ship her back!

And, wrote Call Your Congressman, “She can look forward to free healthcare, and probably  somehow, a settlement from the US Govt.“

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Just as you wonder what kind of people we’re importing given that so many caught at the border are rapists, murderers, child molesters, and gang members, you must wonder what kind of ruthless scumbag would abandon someone to die.

Of course, if the woman had died, Treason Lobbyists would have fingered President Trump, just as they did when 50 dead illegals were found inside a trailer.

The second tweet included night-vision surveillance of smugglers sending an 11-year-old and 3-year-old over the border wall:

This morning a 11yr old Jamaican national jumped from the border barrier at the direction of smugglers. Moments later a 3yr old child is perilously passed down. Smugglers continue to charge upwards of $10k to be smuggled into the US, all with little to no regard for their safety.

The 11-year-old appears to have been injured.

On cue, a Trump Derangement Sufferer blamed POTUS 45:

This is what #title42 has created! Go hump Mr. Pillow!

Only someone willfully ignorant of what is occurring could write something that stupid. None of this is Title 42’s or POTUS 45’s fault.

Blame Traitor Joe Brandon, who invited the invasion.

H/T: Breitbart

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