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My anthology Noticing and other Passage Publishing merchandise, such as my Twitter avatar baseball cap for $28.95, have been selling like hotcakes lately.

I and my publishing partners make the most money when you order directly from us, so we’d appreciate you buying from Passage. My paperback is $29.95 and you can try to get free shipping by entering promo codes like STANCIL and WILSON. If that doesn’t work, shipping within the United States is pretty cheap.

Shipping is of course free in the USA for the $395 Patrician edition. Contrary to the reporting in The Guardian, the print run of 500 leatherbound hardbacks has not yet sold out.

However, definitely check estimated delivery dates on the Passage website in case you are hoping to buy a Father’s Day (June 16, 2024) or graduation present. Figure it will take the Passage warehouse a week to get your package into the delivery process.

Our apologies for the delays some customers have had to put up with in the past. Passage is a start-up publisher and Noticing’s sizable sales have stress-tested their systems at a new scale.

What about our customers’ abroad who have been faced with sizable shipping costs? We have some good news, now and in the future.

I only know one foreign mailing address, Number 10 Downing Street, so I’ve calculated the cost of shipping the paperback, which sells for 24 pounds in the U.K., to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The options offered on the Passage website include:

USPS First Class Package International – 7 to 21 business days – £24.00

UPS Worldwide Expedited® – 3 to 4 business days – £29.00

DHL Express Worldwide – 2 to 3 business days – £30.00

UPS Worldwide Saver® – 3 to 4 business days – £30.00

UPS Worldwide Express® – 3 to 4 business days – £34.00

USPS Priority Mail International – 6 to 10 business days – £52.00

USPS Priority Mail Express International – 3 to 5 business days – £63.00

UPS Worldwide Express Plus® – 3 to 4 business days – £66.00

Passage is working on ways to get cheaper delivery costs and may have good news in the future.

On the other hand, Amazon is now saying it can get the paperback Noticing to No. 10 Downing Street by early June for as little as $8.95:

Choose a delivery option:

Tuesday, May 28 – Friday, May 31
$17.14 – Delivery

Thursday, May 30 – Monday, Jun 3
$8.95 – Delivery

Similarly, Amazon shipping Noticing to 1 Yonge St., Toronto is $7.59 plus a $1.56 import charge.

I ordered one copy of Noticing from Amazon for domestic delivery just to make sure it really was available from them, and they delivered it for free with Prime in ten days. (The Patrician Edition is not available from Amazon.)

We’d prefer American customers order directly from Passage rather than through Amazon because, while Jeff Bezos is a great business manager, he demands a big cut of our revenue and we need the money more than he does.

On the other hand, if you want to save $20 on shipping to, say, London by using Amazon, well, we’d understand.

In other news, digital versions of Noticing should be on sale in June for $29.95, the same price as the paperback. The Amazon Kindle will be the first digital version available, followed by other leading formats. Jeff, of course, takes a huge cut on Kindle sales. But digital will be a way to get the book right now and hopefully with no shipping costs.

An audio version of Noticing might be ready for fall.

Probably, pretty soon VDARE will post a video of me reading the last chapter of Noticing, “What If I’m Right?” as the Saturday night headliner of their Spring Conference. So, you’ll be able to get a preview of what I sound like reading my book.

Then there is the question of what next? What book or books should follow up Noticing?

There are two major categories of possibilities:

  1. Additional anthologies
  2. Original books

Mining my immense catalog for more good stuff would be pretty straightforward.

For example, I could do a Noticing 2 of more Greatest Hits. The first volume included the most 5 or 10 most famous old pieces like “Is Love Colorblind?” and “Cousin Marriage Conundrum,” but there are plenty more articles out there uncollected that are just as good as all but the very best in Noticing.

Or I could do an anthology on a specific topic like movie reviews, crime, or the Great Awokening.

More ambitiously, I could sit down and write a book of 100,000 original words which would require me not to get impatient and post it online right now.


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